10 Reasons to Choose France

1. France is the first country who signed a mutual recognition agreement with India
2. A French degree gives you access to the 570 French companies operating in India
3. Over 500 French scholarships are available to Indian students.
4. The richness and diversity offered by the French system make it easy to find an educational program that matches your background and goals
5. Programmes are professionally oriented and combine theory and practice and use professional tools in real-world settings
6. 1500 French programmes are taught in English
7. France is the world’s fourth-largest destination for international students and the leading non-English speaking destination
8. Learn French, learn the official language of over 30 countries across 5 continents
9. France tops research and innovation with over 64 Nobel Laureates and 15 Fields Medals
10. An environment favourable to innovation and to young entrepreneurs

The Benefits of Studying in France

Being from a different background, culture and society, you have the potential to think differently and share your views and opinions about things which are warmly welcomed and appreciated in France. Studying abroad makes you a person with a multicultural background which helps in bringing out the best version of you from within.

A multicultural background and experience helps you express your thoughts and opinions about a certain topic explicitly and it also helps you make confident conversations without any hesitation. These conversations help in bringing out new ideas and lead to new innovations or making new universal connections.

Some of our students have shared their memorable experiences and stories about their personal, professional and academic experiences in France.

As an international student you are not only provided exposure to a completely new culture, tradition and way of life but it is also a great opportunity to contribute and share certain aspects of your own culture, tradition and lifestyle with the new culture you are exposed to. Studying abroad is helpful to understand the new way of life and culture you are in but at an individual level, it makes you a better person as you learn to appreciate the value of small things in life. On the whole, it boosts one’s personal and professional growth.

Academic Excellence

World-Class Education System:

France is renowned for its high-quality education and prestigious universities. Institutions like Sorbonne University, École Normale Supérieure, and Université PSL consistently rank among the world’s best.

Diverse Range of Programs:
French universities offer a wide array of programs in various fields, including arts, sciences, engineering, business, and humanities.

Cultural and Historical Richness:
Cultural Heritage: France is known for its rich history, art, and culture, with iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, and Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Cultural Immersion:
Studying in France provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in a vibrant and diverse cultural environment, experiencing French language, cuisine, art, and traditions.

Opportunities for International Students:

Language Learning:
Studying in a French-speaking environment allows students to improve their language skills, which can be advantageous for future career prospects.

Research Opportunities:
France is a hub for research and innovation, offering numerous opportunities for students to engage in cutting-edge research across various disciplines.

Affordable Education:

Low Tuition Fees:
Compared to many other countries, tuition fees at public universities in France are relatively low, especially for EU/EEA students.

Scholarships and Financial Aid:
Various scholarships and financial aid options are available for international students, easing the financial burden.

Quality of Life:

Student-Friendly Environment:
France is known for its student-friendly atmosphere, with numerous student discounts, cultural activities, and a vibrant social life.

Diverse Landscapes:
From bustling cities to picturesque countryside and beautiful coastal areas, France offers diverse landscapes, catering to different preferences.

Access to Europe:

Central Location:
France’s central location in Europe provides easy access to neighboring countries, making travel and exploration of Europe convenient for students.

Internship and Job Opportunities:
France offers post-study work opportunities, and being in Europe can open doors to diverse job markets across the continent.


Studying in France not only provides a world-class education but also offers a culturally enriching experience, opportunities for personal and academic growth, and access to a dynamic and diverse environment. It’s an excellent choice for students seeking a holistic educational journey within a vibrant European setting.

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